Sähëlï Hub is relocating to Calthorpe Wellbeing Hub

Since Monday 26th June 2006 Sähëlï Hub has created a service with and for the community of women and girls.

Today on Friday 26th June 2015 Sähëlï Hub has closed its doors and will relocate the service to Calthorpe Wellbeing Hub based in Calthorpe park.

A full program of indoor and outdoor activities will commence on Monday 7th September 2015.

Please note Sähëlï will not be offering a gym service until further developments can be made.

We hope you will continue to support the program with Sähëlï.

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What is Sähëlï

Sähëlï – A friend dedicated to improving community health and wellbeing by providing innovative services and solutions that educates, motivates, inspires and empowers.

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