Saheli provide so much more then exercise

My name is Sabrin Begum and it has been over a decade (wow) since I have been with Saheli, my first job. I started with work experience from college with Shebina (the Saheli Hub Manager). She made me feel welcome and part of the team. I was a SAHELI and it was good. Part of a fabulous team that changed women’s lives.

I was working part time as an Admin after few years. I was front of house, welcomed people in and helped them through their journey with Saheli. I also was interpreting for ladies as some could not speak English.

I have also been part of events that Saheli have had during my time at Saheli. Meeting new people and new organisations, explaining what we do and what we can offer them. As a team we have tasks to do during events and we support each other so it runs smoothly.

Saheli has offered me a lot of training which helped me become more confident and gain more knowledge. Whenever I need support, I know I have got my family at work to help me through whatever I am going through. They have been there for me when I got married and had my child. I thought I would not be able to work when I had my child, but Saheli was so supportive and flexible that I was able to come back for a few days to work. Being home all week can get to you, I have always had time where I am out and about, so coming back to work for me is ME time.

Throughout this pandemic we as a team had training and courses that we have completed. This has really helped me and my mental wellbeing. Connecting with the team through Zoom on regular basis helps me during the week and is something I look forward to.

Saheli is my other family.
Come along and find out what your journey will be with Saheli.

Sabrin joined Saheli Hub in June 2007