Hema joined Saheli in 2018, bringing with her many skills and passion to support other women in achieving their goals.

My name is Hema Patel and I am a Beauty and Holistic therapist (aromatherapy, reiki and reflexology). I love to read non-fiction books and do research about health, happiness and the universe. Everyday, I pose the question ‘why do we exist and what is the purpose of our life?’. I have come across some answers. We are here to experience the joy and beauty of this magnificent world and fulfil our higher purpose. This is to reach enlightenment and our true identity. We can learn to love and protect animals and nature.

My journey to Saheli:

When I was 47, I discovered a cycling group that I started to attend three times a week, exploring different places as a member. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and I went on to become a trained instructor for Big Birmingham Bikes. I did some voluntary work for Oakland Community Centre and I started teaching level 1 and 2 cycling in different schools.

Later on, Saheli gave me the opportunity to do some more voluntary work. This gave me the confidence and room for growth. They didn’t just give me this opportunity, but they also gave me paid work. I taught the sessions on gardening and talking art. I enjoy teaching people new skills and how to stay fit. It was very useful having already known how to speak six different languages and therefore there were no communication barriers with the members that attended.

I am really grateful for the services Saheli provides for people who really need it. I have loved working with this team ever since I began. I cannot ask for better leaders than Naseem and Shebina. They have helped me throughout my journey, including keeping us going throughout the current global pandemic!

I would like to help people in the same way that they have helped me. It would be great to see more women come and achieve their goals. I believe that everyone has great potential. It doesn’t matter what age, race or religion, everyone deserves the chance to get fit and healthy, whilst having fun.

Hema joined Saheli Hub in July 2018.