‘Saheli- A Place of Growth’ by Elisangela Melo Liani


Me and my family, we arrived in this country from Brazil on June 26, 2006. I didn't know, but this same day Saheli was born too! I believe in God and I believe that He controls all things. I also believe that all things work together for the good of those who love God. So I really like the idea that Saheli was God's plan to bless many lives, including mine and my family.

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‘Walking into change’ by Rakhyia Begum


I was told by a friend there was a women’s group in Balsall Heath that had an amazing adventure activity scheme for young girls – the organiser Naseem Akhtar was really something! She said I should go along and meet her maybe see if there was any opportunity to volunteer? I rang apprehensively and was invited to the Balsall Heath Community Forum.

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‘Ready, Steady, Pedal’ by Shaafia Bi


Knowing I had a passion for sports, a friend of mine forwarded an advertisement from the Birmingham Road safety team which put a call out to recruit and train the first team of cycling instructors for Birmingham. I instantly thought I want to do this, but I didn’t own a bike and the last time I had been on one was when I was 16. I called the organiser and explained this and he encouraged me to still come along and that he will take care of the rest. I turned up and fell off my bike! The end, no- my journey had just begun…

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