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Be Active Plus

Educates, Motivates, Inspires
And Empowers

What is Be active Plus

Be active plus is a GP referral exercise programme for
people with specific medical conditions that can benefit
from being more active.

These Conditions include :
  • Coronary heart disease, including previous cardiac event (e.g. a heart attack or heart surgery) over 6 months ago
  • High blood pressure (no higher than 160/100)
  • Obesity (a Body Mass Index of over 30)
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Stroke or TIA over 12 months ago
  • Neurological conditions e.g. Parkinson’s, stable MS
  • Depression and / or anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

What happens next ?

To join the Be active plus with Sähëlï a person can directly ask their GP or Practice Nurse or call 0121-446-6137 to book in for a Active Registration.

The GP will check that the program is suitable for the person if they match the criteria for Be active plus. Once Sähëlï has received the Referral form from the GP the person will be offered a variety of activities that will be supported weekly.

How does Be active plus help ?

Sähëlï mainly offer a women only environment for group fitness both indoor and outdoor. We currently offer a smaller program for Men but once a person starts with our program we can signpost for lots more Active sessions locally. Sähëlï is a Social Enterprise, most of the women who deliver the service are local, trained and mentored by Sähëlï to offer a professional, happy experience for individuals starting out on their active journey. Our sessions offer holistic wellbeing from the moment the person engages onto the program. As there are many women newly engaging in exercise without a clear direction with health conditions from different cultural and age groups, the community are empowered by education from the program and many women control and improve their conditions by being more active.

How much does it cost ?

It does not cost participants to be on the Sähëlï Be active plus program for 12 weeks. If the person choses to stay with Sähëlï beyond the 12 weeks there are Be Active for free gym, swim and classes to continue your routine of physical activity. Please note Sähëlï delivers the program from the Wellbeing Service hubs and centres through Birmingham City Council and can now offer a wider range of activities for you.

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What is Sähëlï

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